Wicker Emporium Guest Posts…and some news!

Hey guys, I’m back! If you follow me on Instagram, you already know the good news. If you don’t, I’d like to tell you why I abandoned blogging this summer…


Yes, it’s fantastic news…but let me tell you, it has taken a toll on me. Although I have had a healthy pregnancy so far, I have been incredibly sick. So, I have been conserving my energy by eating, sleeping and trying to stay hydrated. And I kid you not, that is ALL I’ve been doing. I have, however, continued to guest blog for Wicker Emporium. Take a look, below!

furniture and decor comparisons at Wicker Emporium 1. Pottery Barn Rug $399 USD 2. Restoration Hardware Coffee Table $1525 USD 3. Pottery Barn Tufted Chair $499 USD 4. Wicker Emporium Rug Indoor/Outdoor $250 CAD 5. Wicker Emporium Vintage Coffee Table $385 CAD 6. Wicker Emporium Duchess Chair $200 CAD When putting together a room, always keep colour and texture in mind; without these two things, your design will fall flat. The Duchess Chair caught my eye right away. I love the feminine feel it has because of the tufting. On the other hand, the legs and wheels are rustic, which balances out the look. This style is virtually identical to Pottery Barn’s Carolyn Tufted Slipper Chair, which is more than double the price! With these savings in mind, you could buy two Duchess Chairs and create a cozy reading nook in your home. This Vintage Coffee Table is the perfect style for any home. I love that it has a second shelf which can be used to store books, magazines, pillows or throws when they’re not in use. It is almost identical to the Restoration Hardware Balustrade Coffee Table which is four times the price! Of course, it’s always exciting to find a great deal on a beautiful piece of furniture, but this Vintage table is an absolute steal that you can’t resist! The Rossi rug is the perfect accessory because it can be used inside or outside the home, and with summer being just around the corner, right now is a great time to add this rug to your collection! It is very similar to the Pottery Barn Kilim Rug. Both of these rugs add texture and colour to the design, and really complete the look! Always remember to have fun when shopping for new furniture, and always look around for a better price…you never know, it could be just around the corner!

1. Pottery Barn Accent Stool $299 USD 2. Restoration Hardware Console Table $1895 USD 3. Restoration Hardware Driftwood Lamp $595 USD 4. Wicker Emporium Accent Stool $80 CAD 5. Wicker Emporium Console Table $385 CAD 6. Wicker Emporium Driftwood Lamp $90.99 CAD

Iʼm not sure if I can accurately explain how obsessed I am with stools. In the garden, family room, kitchen or bathroom…I LOVE them. Now, a GOLD stool!? I can hardly contain my excitement!

Beyond my love for gold and stools, I love mixing colours, textures and materials. Here, I have mixed rustic wood with metal. The Wicker Emporium trestle console table is a beautiful, classic piece of furniture for a low price…yet itʼs solid, and will last for years and years.

The driftwood lamp is such an interesting piece. It adds texture to the look, and a touch of nature. Itʼs always fun to bring the outside in when it comes to design.

Although I love all the elements of the design, my favorite part is the price. The Wicker Emporium pieces are comparable in quality to the Splurge items, but they are a fraction of the cost. Perfect for someone on a budget!

spend vs splurge septWicker Emporium always has a wide range of stylish options for those on a budget. Their furniture is solid, on trend and affordable. I love the pendant lamp and metal cafe side chair, paired with the solid wood table with clean lines. This look is the definition of modern rustic. However, you can choose from many of their decor accessories to add colour or softness to the look if you’d like to switch it up every once in a while. Now that fall is in the air, I can imagine myself sitting at this table for Thanksgiving dinner, with an orange, red and yellow tablescape to complete the look! Can you imagine yourself eating Thanksgiving dinner at this table?

1. CB2 Victory Pendant Lamp $199 CAD
2. Crosley Amelia Cafe Side Chair $219 CAD
3. Restoration Hardware Reclaimed Parsons Table $2695 USD
4. Wicker Emporium Galvanized Ceiling Lamp $69.99 CAD
5. Wicker Emporium Metal Industrial Stacking Side Chair $109.99 CAD
6. Wicker Emporium Yoga Dining Table $789.99 CAD


Also, this…

17 weeks

Thanks for reading! I hope you had a great summer, and I wish you all a warm and cozy fall 🙂


Splurge vs. Steal: Parsons Table

OB-parsons table

Splurge | Restoration Hardware$2475 USD


Steal | Structube $749 CAD

I am in love with these Parsons tables. They make for such a classic piece of furniture, but are modern at the same time. If you cannot make up your mind about a dining room table, go with a Parsons. Particularly, these Parsons. I love the colour of the wood. Not too dark, not too light, and not too grey. Either way, a good, strong, wood table can ALWAYS be sanded and re-stained if the colour doesn’t suit you somewhere down the road.

Nicole xo

Splurge vs. Steal: Wishbone Chair



Splurge | Design Within Reach $599 USD


Steal | Structube $149 CAD



Hi everyone! You may notice that I’m a little behind on posting this week. Things are really picking up around here! I am taking on a new role at work, organizing a bachelorette this weekend AND I’m in a wedding next week! So much exciting stuff going on. But that means I’m slacking in the blogging department (boo). This is why I have decided to take the next TWO weeks off blogging. Yep, I said it. I’m going to take a break. While I will finish up my posts for this week, and might post a thing or two within the next couple weeks, I just can’t commit to consistent and creative posts during this busy time. You CAN expect some pretty serious Instagramming on my part for the next little while though. So, if you’re not following along already, my user name is stylish_savings, or you can keep an eye on my Instagram posts on the right hand side of your screen –>

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