Get the Look: Glass Dining Table

dining table


Zone Maison $365 CAD

Welcome to the second last installment of “Get the Look” this week!

You may have already noticed that many of the items this week are from Canadian stores. That’s because, well, I’m Canadian! This particular store {Zone Maison…yes, that’s French} has six locations…most of which are in Quebec {a province of Canada}. However, there is one exception, and that is the store in Ottawa {where I live}. You might be wondering, but why would they put this store in Ottawa? Well, this city is officially bilingual. It could be because French is an official language of Canada, and Ottawa is the capital {REPRESENT}. It could also be because we border Quebec, which has a predominantly French speaking population.

Now that you’ve had your little Canadian lesson for the day, how do you feel about this table? Isn’t it fab!? At only $365, it’s a definite “Steal”!

Nicole xo


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